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Evolve Mobility – Study in Vietnam

Vietnam is an un-industrialized country to keep an eye on in the years to come. The country is expected to have something to show everyone. From arts and culture to history and architecture, the learning opportunities will be extended greatly if you choose to learn in the country. No matter what your profession is it […]

Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Liberation Day

The day of redeeming the South for national reunification is what Vietnamese called Reunification Day or the Liberation Day. It is a public holiday in Vietnam that signifies the time when Viet Cong and North Vietnamese groups caught Saigon on April 30, 1975. This was the sign of the end of the Vietnam War, also […]

Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Economy

Regardless of its significant challenges, the economy of Vietnam has been developing steadily. The government has been committed to growing its participation in the international market. One of its methods to escalate its association is participating international trade administrations such as the World Trade Organization. Aside from that, the government has signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership […]

Evolve Mobility – Vietnam Custom

Vietnamese culture may still be something unknown and unfamiliar to most individuals outside the country but nowadays more people are going to Vietnam for traveling and for business. Getting to know Vietnamese culture is fascinating and intriguing maybe that is why it attracts people not just to visit but to stay for good. Vietnamese life is […]

Evolve Mobility – Social Responsibility

What defines a successful business? Is it the number of customers? Is it the numerous services being offered? Or is it how your services change a customer’s way of living and the positive impact it leaves? Evolve Mobility does not concentrate on just winning more customer for their business. They also focus on social responsibility. […]

Evolve Mobility – A Member of multiple Associations

In today’s fast changing world being able to gain a person’s trust is hard what more for a business. Credibility and integrity is one of the qualities that a company should have. Evolve Mobility being a member of numerous associations like EuroCham, UFE, AFV (association francophone Vietnam), BNI and many more (eg: AMSA, IAM (international […]

What to Do When Moving?

So, you plan on moving somewhere else. Whatever your reason is for this move you need to be ready 100%. Let’s face it, moving is nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve made this list to help you stay on track. Evolve Mobility is here to help you figure out precisely what you should be doing before, during, […]

Move with Evolve Mobility

Have a new job? Getting a promotion? Or simply starting anew? Whatever the reason may be relocating or moving to a new place internationally is always a scary thought. Choosing a reliable, trustworthy and eco-friendly mover in Vietnam is no longer a problem. Evolve Mobility will take care of all your relocation needs. We don’t […]

Karta Corporation’s Eco-friendly Products Honored on National TV Program HTV9, Evolve Mobility’s Jean-Michel Interviewed

Evolve Mobility’s Jean-Michel was interviewed when their Eco-friendly partner Karta Corporation’s paper products was honored on air on the News from HTV9 – a national TV program.  As a recognized international freight & forwarding corporation with an  admirable track record for high standard and excellent customer fulfillment, we at Evolve Mobility do not only concentrate […]

BBGV Commonwealth Networking Event In HCMC

It was a night of business and pleasure when Evolve Mobility representative Jean-Michel joined the Chambers from Britain, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India and Malaysia who all came together a few days earlier to mark a close affiliation with the locals for the much awaited British Business Group Vietnam Networking Drinks Night. The event was held […]