Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Economy

Regardless of its significant challenges, the economy of Vietnam has been developing steadily. The government has been committed to growing its participation in the international market. One of its methods to escalate its association is participating international trade administrations such as the World Trade Organization.

Aside from that, the government has signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership contract in order to take part in the trade liberalization among Pacific countries. While the government is aggressively involved in refining the economy of Vietnam, it has been critiqued for not moving quickly enough.

At present, Vietnam is the 28th prime export economy in the world, exporting billions worth of goods each year. Its major export goods include: broadcasting equipment, computers, crude petroleum , leather footwear, and integrated. The mainstream of these exports go to the following countries: the US, China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

One of the major trials faced by the economy of Vietnam is, in fact, its state-owned businesses. These have a tendency to to be ineffective due to complex government needs to undertake restructuring. Moreover, in order to look after many industries within the country, the government does not allow private ownership or foreign investment. This is, nonetheless, obstructing economic growth. Vietnam also lacks adequate educational services, advance infrastructures, and social welfare platforms which leave its residents and economy at risk. In spite of many economic challenges, Vietnam is still a good place to relocate and put up a business. It’s still worth taking advantage of its booming economy.

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