Karta Corporation’s Eco-friendly Products Honored on National TV Program HTV9, Evolve Mobility’s Jean-Michel Interviewed

Evolve Mobility’s Jean-Michel was interviewed when their Eco-friendly partner Karta Corporation’s paper products was honored on air on the News from HTV9 – a national TV program. 

As a recognized international freight & forwarding corporation with an  admirable track record for high standard and excellent customer fulfillment, we at Evolve Mobility do not only concentrate on making sure that you will have a stress-free & pleasurable relocation but we also think of how we can help save the environment.

Evolve Mobility thinking about delivering the best relocation solution without having to hurt Mother Earth has decided to partner with Vietnam’s leading recycling company  to initiate a brand new, designed reprocessing platform for all our moving services. Sharing the vision and goal of Karta Evolve Mobility is sure that with their unique recycling ingenuity, a devoted team with vast knowledge and training in worldwide packing procedures they can deliver an eco-friendly relocation.

As Evolve Mobility is keen to revolutionize, develop their services and contribute to the development of the business. Evolve Mobility has a brand new purpose-built storeroom facility, constructed to international industry standards. This warehouse facility is specially planned and furnished to stock the tiniest family valuables to the biggest commercial shipments. They will make sure that each and every move is stress-free, smoother and eco-friendly.