Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Liberation Day

The day of redeeming the South for national reunification is what Vietnamese called Reunification Day
or the Liberation Day. It is a public holiday in Vietnam that signifies the time when Viet Cong and North
Vietnamese groups caught Saigon on April 30, 1975. This was the sign of the end of the Vietnam War,
also known in Vietnamese as Chien tranh Viet Nam Vietnam War “Resistance War Against American intrusion.”

It was the start of the transformation time frame towards the reunification, which happened in the
national decision for national reunification on July 2, 1976, when the Provisional Revolutionary
Government of the Republic of South Vietnam and Democratic Republic of Vietnam joined, influencing
the existing Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The celebration is set apart by a limited celebrations around
the date. In a foreign country, Vietnamese people group, recognize the day as the “Fall of Saigon”, “Dark April”, National Day of Shame or National Day of Resentment.

This is an honoring day for exiled Vietnamese who served, were influenced, and evacuated in those overseas groups, and all things are well-thought-out as a day of reflection. Various Americans of pious background watch the day for appreciation and unity.

This year Evolve Mobility is also excited to experience this magnificent event as according to the news
here will be two high-altitude firework displays: one over the Thu Thiem Tunnel that links Districts 1 and 2; and another at the 81-storeyed building Landmark 81 in Binh Thanh District. This kind of event is another reason why moving to Vietnam is worth it.

So, are you ready to move with us?