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There are so many things to consider when planning a move that it’s easy to forget the impact it has on our environment. We get it – you need to focus on settling into your new life. We are devoted to caring for our environment, and in this effort, have partnered with Vietnam’s leading recycling company to initiate a brand new, structured recycling program for all of our relocation services. We are pioneering the way we move. We are acting globally but always thinking locally.

Recycling Warriors

Just as we take your move very seriously, we also take serious steps in ensuring we are doing our part towards helping the environment. We understand that the global packaging industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to generating waste, so Evolve Mobility has sourced and partnered with Vietnam’s leading recycling company to introduce an actual structured recycling program in helping to create a broader, new narrative; one where the industry is responsible and has joined the worldwide conversation on planetary care.

 Want to move with us?

We want to be part of your relocation journey from end to end, and as such, our recycling program follows that same vision. When moving into a country we will reuse any materials that are up to standards for future local and office moves. Once those materials no longer meet our stringent quality control standards to sufficiently protect your items, we recycle them. Any boxes that we use for international relocations are made from 100% recycled materials: repurposed boxes, office paper, paper towels, cereal boxes. Whatever the recycled items may be, the recycling plant will vet to ensure quality control prior to releasing the boxes for us to use when packing and shipping your valuable possessions. Relocating to a new home while simultaneously helping the environment? We’re in!

Want to move with us?

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