Must-have Documents When Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is often an exhilarating yet grueling process. Not only does it include moving your whole life thousands of miles away, but it also means having to steer a lot of paperwork and red tape. In order to make your international travel a successful one, it is a must to carry all important documents with you. Here are some of the most important documents needed when moving abroad.


This document is the only most vital thing you’ll need when moving internationally. A government-issued passport verifies the owner’s identity and citizenship. Most countries do not permit tourists to enter without a valid passport. In case you and your family do not currently hold a passport and plan to move, it is strongly suggested starting the process to apply for one as soon as possible. Obtaining a passport can take a few weeks to a few months depending on the country of residence.


Aside from a passport, you will most definitely need a visa if you plan to relocate. A visa is an authorized travel document placed or stamped inside your passport that permits the traveler to stay in a particular country for a definite purpose and for a certain period of time. The visa is approved and issued by the country where you wish to live, work and/or visit.

Work Permit

If you’re moving to a new country for work, aside from a visa you will definitely need a work permit. Your boss or a representative of the company should be able to assist you with obtaining a work permit or at least tell you the process.

These are only some of the few documents needed if you are planning to move or relocate to another country.

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