Moving during coronavirus from Vietnam to France, how to do?

Moving during coronavirus is possible, but it’s going to take a lot of planning.

CORONAVIRUS – You can go shopping, go for a pretend jog, go to the pharmacy… but first of all you have to stay at home to avoid the coronavirus, at least until the end of March.

But what to do when you have planned to change accommodation a few days or weeks after the introduction of the containment measures against Covid-19? Is a change of residence part of the essential journeys?

According to the French government, in principle, moving is not forbidden on the condition that it is motivated by an imperative. “Removals are allowed, but must be limited to strict needs. For example, the end of your lease,” says the French Ministry of Transport. “It is advisable to postpone your move if possible. Otherwise, you must have the certificate of derogatory move”, the authorities detail.

If there is no fallback solution, you can proceed with your correctly completed proof. However, you will have to organise yourself into a small committee, as groups of more than five people are not allowed.

Moving during coronavirus from Vietnam to France – Logistical difficulties

This means that you are officially allowed to move, but in practice it can be much more complicated if you use a moving company. The professional organisations in the sector have called for an “urgent” ban on moving involving direct contact between movers and clients.

“The moving industry unanimously notes that the working conditions of the employees do not make it possible to permanently guarantee the respect of barrier gestures”, affirmed the president of the “Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement” (Moving Union Chamber).

If several organisations have already called on “companies to suspend the part of their activity that puts their staff in direct contact with customers”, they fear that this will not be enough and want “to avoid any unnecessary competition from companies that would seize the opportunity to reclaim outstanding contracts in disregard of the health safety of their own employees”.

Faced with the situation, the Federation of Transport and Logistics – the third largest among road hauliers – called on Friday 20 March on employees in the sector who work in non-essential transport to declare their right of withdrawal from Monday. “Transport and logistics employees are asking themselves a lot of questions, but most of them are completely confused,” wrote its secretary general, Patrice Clos.

Moving during coronavirus from Vietnam to France – Staying in your rental

As Le Parisien, a French newspaper, explains: if you are tenants and you think you are stuck because you have filed your notice, nothing forces you to leave. You will obviously have to continue paying the rent, but it is possible to stay in your accommodation.

A real estate lawyer outlines that the government’s containment measures predominate the private law, and therefore take precedence over the rules governing a lease.

Leaving a dwelling can be even more complicated when real estate agencies have been forced to close. It has become almost impossible to make an inventory of fixtures and fittings.


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