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“As the number of coronavirus cases grows, we are watching our friends and neighbors around the world practice social distancing, self-monitoring, and quarantining themselves, in an effort to contain the virus.

In various countries and cities, residents are sheltering in place and under mandatory lockdown. With the closure of many non-essential public places and businesses and shutdowns across many industries, we are receiving lots of questions about moving – is it essential or not? Should I still move?

This practical guide is designed to help you ask the right questions about your upcoming move and will be updated regularly with new information.

It is important to recognize that Updater is not a health care company and we are not health care professionals. While we are moving experts, the CDC and other qualified health officials should be your primary source of current information and guidance.

Here are a few things to consider as you plan to move during an emergency situation:

Is moving considered “essential”?

Essential reasons to leave your home during a lockdown, as defined by many local and state officials, include: getting health care, shopping for groceries or supplies, caring for family members, and exercising outside.

Since moving inevitably cuts against social distancing best practices, we encourage you not to move at this time unless local officials deem your specific move as essential, or your business is deemed essential and you must move for work. Stay where you are, if you can.

If you have not signed the home contract yet, but plan to, request an addendum for additional flexibility should the parties be quarantined or unable to complete the transaction (here’s an example from the Texas Association of REALTORS).

If you are not required to leave your current home, you should stay right where you are. Staying home can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, sick or not.

If possible, try to reschedule your move for a later time when we have more information on the spread of the virus and all parties involved in the move (you, the new home-owner or management company, the moving company, etc.) can implement best practices and comply with the instructions of local authorities.

Due to the need to safely “shelter in place” in compliance with the current COVID-19 directives, moving is considered essential in many cities. However, we still recommend checking with your local authorities beforehand, as local law enforcement is the determining voice in this discussion. Be sure to comply with the direct orders of your local officials and continue to monitor their communications. Feel free to call your officials to ask if no guidance has been provided.

If you do have to move, your moving company should put health and safety first

Your health and safety and the moving company’s employees’ health and safety will be the moving company’s highest priority.

We suggest you call your moving company to discuss your options.

If your move is necessary, and your moving company plans to move you, they should help you plan as safe (and seamless) a move as possible. This may include:

  • A virtual survey instead of an in-home survey to provide a price estimate

  • Screening their crew for symptoms to ensure health and safety

  • Adding hand sanitizer to all trucks

  • Movers wearing gloves and masks

  • Heightened daily cleaning procedures for shared, high-touch surfaces in your homes, on the trucks, on the equipment, and their dispatch/office areas

  • Free storage from your moving company. Some companies will offer to hold your belongings for free if you need to leave your old home, but your new home is not ready yet

Bonus tip: do not pack the soap! Give your moving crew access to wash their hands with hot water frequently.

If you choose to postpone your move with a professional moving company

If you have made the decision to postpone your move and need to cancel your moving company: do not fret. In most cases, booking a moving company is non-binding, allowing you the freedom to cancel at any point prior to your move, without penalty.

However, if your moving company collected a deposit prior to your move, it may be non-refundable. Contact your moving company about your deposit, as many reputable moving companies will make an exception considering the pandemic and either refund the deposit or provide credit for a future move.

If your professional moving company cancels on you

Do not worry, you have options:

  • You can move yourself, in your own vehicle: this is the safest option

  • You can rent a truck: you can contact Evolve Mobility for some tips, but please be aware of the law in Vietnam to drive by yourself

  • You can move in with friends or family members and put your belongings in temporary storage: Evolve Mobility can provide you a storage for the time you may need

  • You can move into temporary, furnished housing and put your belongings in storage: please check with Evolve Mobility and its relocation partner

If you are concerned about paying rent or being evicted

Also, if you are a tenant, be sure to check with your property management company and local officials on rent payment flexibility, eviction proceedings and eviction orders.

Evolve Mobility’s comment: please, contact your consulate and information from your own contry about renting a house or an apartment in your country for further details. You can also contact us for more information.

If you have an extra minute, here are some additional things to consider

  • Prioritize your internet setup. Scheduling an internet installation date at your new home is critical for staying connected to friends and family. There are 1-2 hour call wait times at cable and internet providers right now, as more and more people call to increase speeds and bandwidth. You can not bank on getting an appointment as easily as you have in the past. Additionally, consider a high bandwidth plan to account for changes in working from home, video calls, multi-device streaming, etc.

  • Stocking your kitchen full of groceries will feel a bit different this time around. Grab in Vietnam is still deliverying food, no worries, as well as Mega Market and other supermarkets!


We understand your concerns: this is a scary time and certainly takes moving stress to the next level. We encourage you to visit the CDC website and your local authority’s website for updated information and safety precaution tips.

Remember: this is a rare time where your actions are about something bigger than you. Your actions protect people you may never meet. We are all part of a much larger community and together we can make a huge impact on the lives of others.”


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