New Year’s Party Networking Internations Event

On the evening of 18th January in 2019. Mr. Jean Michel Huet on behalf of Evolve Mobility International Company attended the New Year’s Party Networking Internations Event at New World Hotel in district 1 HCMC. We thank all customers who are members of internations HCMC and we will hopefull have many opportunities as a member of the Internations HCMC in the new year 2019.

Lotus Art Project Event

Event on 11th January 2019. Evolve Mobility International was yesterday invited by Lotus Art Project support projects and raised founds for the benefice of the association Rock-Paper-Scissors. Thanks to the international recognised artists, this event was a success. All founds will be redistributed to the organization who provides lessons, materials and support in musics and the arts to children in impoverished communities in Vietnam. Stefanie De RegelAndrea CollenzGiang Kate.

Crystal ball 2019 of Cancham Vietnam

Evolve Mobility International was curious to hear from professionals, what defined the business landscape in Vietnam last year and what trends to look out for in 2019. Let’s move to this new year without fears but with clairvoyance. Event on 15th January 2019

Year-End Party Event of Top Ten Travel Company

On the evening of January 16, 2019, Mr. Hung Le – Vice Director and Ms Huong Vu – Business Delvelopment Manager, on behalf of the Evolve Mobility International company attended the Year-End Party event of the Top Ten Travel Company. This Company has been very successful in 2018 about inbound travel, out bound travel, immigration visa services. Wishing Top Ten Travel Company continue success and development in 2019. Hopeful Top Ten Travel Company will be our partner in the future.