Documents indispensables lors d'un déménagement à l'étranger

Déménager dans un nouveau pays est souvent un processus exaltant mais épuisant. Non seulement vous devez déménager toute votre vie à des milliers de kilomètres de chez vous, mais vous devez aussi gérer beaucoup de paperasserie et de paperasserie. Pour que votre voyage à l'étranger soit un succès, il est indispensable d'avoir tous les documents importants avec vous. Voici quelques-uns des documents les plus importants à fournir lors d'un déménagement à l'étranger.


Ce document est la seule chose vitale dont vous aurez besoin lorsque vous déménagerez à l'étranger. Un passeport délivré par le gouvernement vérifie l'identité et la citoyenneté du titulaire. La plupart des pays n'autorisent pas les touristes à entrer sans passeport valide. Au cas où vous et votre famille n'auriez pas sont actuellement titulaires d'un passeport et prévoient déménager, il est fortement recommandé d'amorcer le processus de demande le plus tôt possible. L'obtention d'un passeport peut prendre de quelques semaines à quelques mois selon le pays de résidence.


En dehors d'un passeport, vous aurez certainement besoin d'un visa si vous avez l'intention de déménager. Un visa est un document de voyage autorisé apposé ou estampillé à l'intérieur de votre passeport qui permet au voyageur de séjourner dans un pays donné pour une raison précise et pour une certaine période de temps. Le visa est approuvé et délivré par le pays où vous souhaitez vivre, travailler et/ou visiter.

Permis de travail

Si vous déménagez dans un nouveau pays pour travailler, vous aurez certainement besoin d'un permis de travail en plus d'un visa. Votre patron ou un représentant de l'entreprise devrait être en mesure de vous aider à obtenir un permis de travail ou au moins de vous expliquer le processus.

Ce ne sont là que quelques-uns des quelques documents dont vous aurez besoin si vous prévoyez déménager ou déménager dans un autre pays, ou si vous prévoyez déménager ou déménager dans un autre pays.

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Evolve Mobility – Ho Chi Minh Anniversary

Anniversaries and festivities are considered to be a main part of the lives of the Vietnamese individuals. Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of national heroes and front-runners remembering them by celebrating their birthday or death. These are considered national holidays and relevant all over the country.

The Birthday of Ho Chi Minh is a very significant national holiday for all of Vietnam especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese revolutionary and statesman who became Prime Minister and then later became President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. “He who enlightens” is what Ho Chi Minh means and being the founder of the Viet Minh Independent Movement inaugurating communist control in part of Vietnam he was also considered and recognized as such. This previous president who was contributory in captivating freedom for the people of Vietnam is popular and adored as a national figure. The City of Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City to honor him of everything he has done for the country.

To show respect and commemorate this event a delegation of state leaders led by the party general secretary put wreaths at the mausoleum to celebrate his birthday. Representatives from different sectors such as the ministries of national defense, public security and the Hanoi authorities and a crowd of local people also join to honor Ho Chi Minh.

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Evolve Mobility – Study in Vietnam

Vietnam is an un-industrialized country to keep an eye on in the years to come. The country is expected to have something to show everyone. From arts and culture to history and architecture, the learning opportunities will be extended greatly if you choose to learn in the country. No matter what your profession is it is possible that Vietnam will show up on your radar in your career journey.

By living and studying in Vietnam as a student you are deciding for a student life rich with values, variety, and possible to gain lifelong friends from various places. Vietnam has a great youth population, many of whom speak English, as well as colleges that teach in numerous different languages.

If you wish to continue your higher studies in Vietnam, you need to apply for a long-stay student visa. Although, it is possible to enter the country on a tourist visa to enroll in a university, still you will need to apply for sponsorship. You can apply for a student visa at the Immigration Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vietnam has a lot of higher education institutions, including public and private universities. The ones in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are national universities while the Thai Nguyen University, the Hue University and the University of Da Nang are regional universities. They each offer a wide range of specialized programs which includes science, information and communication technologies, finance, accounting, as well as engineering and international studies. Most programs are taught in English.

Studying in Vietnam is a striking chance to foreigners due to low tuition fees and the rise in the number of international programs offered by the numerous Vietnamese universities. This has enticed many foreign students.

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Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Liberation Day

The day of redeeming the South for national reunification is what Vietnamese called Reunification Day
or the Liberation Day. It is a public holiday in Vietnam that signifies the time when Viet Cong and North
Vietnamese groups caught Saigon on April 30, 1975. This was the sign of the end of the Vietnam War,
also known in Vietnamese as Chien tranh Viet Nam Vietnam War “Resistance War Against American intrusion.”

It was the start of the transformation time frame towards the reunification, which happened in the
national decision for national reunification on July 2, 1976, when the Provisional Revolutionary
Government of the Republic of South Vietnam and Democratic Republic of Vietnam joined, influencing
the existing Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The celebration is set apart by a limited celebrations around
the date. In a foreign country, Vietnamese people group, recognize the day as the “Fall of Saigon”, “Dark April”, National Day of Shame or National Day of Resentment.

This is an honoring day for exiled Vietnamese who served, were influenced, and evacuated in those overseas groups, and all things are well-thought-out as a day of reflection. Various Americans of pious background watch the day for appreciation and unity.

This year Evolve Mobility is also excited to experience this magnificent event as according to the news
here will be two high-altitude firework displays: one over the Thu Thiem Tunnel that links Districts 1 and 2; and another at the 81-storeyed building Landmark 81 in Binh Thanh District. This kind of event is another reason why moving to Vietnam is worth it.

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Evolve Mobility – Vietnam’s Economy

Regardless of its significant challenges, the economy of Vietnam has been developing steadily. The government has been committed to growing its participation in the international market. One of its methods to escalate its association is participating international trade administrations such as the World Trade Organization.

Aside from that, the government has signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership contract in order to take part in the trade liberalization among Pacific countries. While the government is aggressively involved in refining the economy of Vietnam, it has been critiqued for not moving quickly enough.

At present, Vietnam is the 28th prime export economy in the world, exporting billions worth of goods each year. Its major export goods include: broadcasting equipment, computers, crude petroleum , leather footwear, and integrated. The mainstream of these exports go to the following countries: the US, China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

One of the major trials faced by the economy of Vietnam is, in fact, its state-owned businesses. These have a tendency to to be ineffective due to complex government needs to undertake restructuring. Moreover, in order to look after many industries within the country, the government does not allow private ownership or foreign investment. This is, nonetheless, obstructing economic growth. Vietnam also lacks adequate educational services, advance infrastructures, and social welfare platforms which leave its residents and economy at risk. In spite of many economic challenges, Vietnam is still a good place to relocate and put up a business. It’s still worth taking advantage of its booming economy.

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Evolve Mobility – Vietnam Custom

Vietnamese culture may still be something unknown and unfamiliar to most individuals outside the country but nowadays more people are going to Vietnam for traveling and for business. Getting to know Vietnamese culture is fascinating and intriguing maybe that is why it attracts people not just to visit but to stay for good.

Vietnamese life is extremely inclined by ancestor devotion. Children learn at a very young age that they are indebted to their parents and their ancestors. Performing well in school and working hard is one form of respect to one’s parents and their household name. High respect for parents and families is extended to all seniors, whose life experiences are appreciated and treasured.

The craving to attain harmony between oneself and the non-self remains a vital obsession of the Vietnamese in social relations outside the family group. The uncomplicated principles essential family connection is extended to the affiliations between members of wider social groups.

These are probably some of the reasons why individuals wanted to move or relocate to Vietnam once they have the feel of how the Vietnamese lives. So if you want to relocate to Vietnam may it be for a change of atmosphere or for a new business ventures Evolve Mobility can assist you.

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Evolve Mobility – Social Responsibility

What defines a successful business? Is it the number of customers? Is it the numerous services being offered? Or is it how your services change a customer’s way of living and the positive impact it leaves?

Evolve Mobility does not concentrate on just winning more customer for their business. They also focus on social responsibility.

More often than not, a lot of people deciding to move or relocate have stuffs that they no longer need but still can be used. Rather than simply disposing them these clients agrees for these items to be collected for the reuse/ recycle/ repair program. These items are deposited at a brand-new warehouse near the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Each month when an ample amount of donations have been collected to put up a bazaar an announcement will be promoted by Evolve Mobility and other partners on Facebook and Instagram. Best offers will then be accepted and all proceeds will go to a various designated Vietnam charity each month. The charity and sum raised will be announced on Evolve Mobility Facebook and Instagram pages. For regular updates as well as updates on topical environmental issues, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s an amazing way to help and share. And as the saying goes; Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

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Evolve Mobility – A Member of multiple Associations

In today’s fast changing world being able to gain a person’s trust is hard what more for a business. Credibility and integrity is one of the qualities that a company should have. Evolve Mobility being a member of numerous associations like EuroCham, UFE, AFV (association francophone Vietnam), BNI and many more (eg: AMSA, IAM (international American movers) has gained the trust of the people and businesses alike when it comes to moving and relocation. Their active participation in a lot of events proves that they are a company you can trust.
Evolve Mobility is not just an ordinary company that will offer its services and do the job. Evolve Mobility always offers more. We make sure that you are not just satisfied, we make sure that you will remember us and that we will gain more business from you. We don’t just advertise to look good we always deliver what we promise.
Well, we will not be part of these well-known associations if we are not one of the best and trustworthy companies. Evolve Mobility aims to be more active and visible and wants to be the next talk of the town when it comes to moving and relocation.
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What to Do When Moving?

So, you plan on moving somewhere else. Whatever your reason is for this move you need to be ready 100%. Let’s face it, moving is nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve made this list to help you stay on track.

Evolve Mobility is here to help you figure out precisely what you should be doing before, during, and even after your move. Moving all your stuffs from one place to another is tough, and so is relocating your life in broad-spectrum. But, let’s not overlook that moving to a new place is a thrilling time! With some proper management and this guide to your forthcoming move, you’ll be guaranteed to have all done between now and the big day, giving you sufficient time to have a good time.

So what is the first on the list?

1.) Plan – you need to plan ahead of time for all aspect of your move. The great news is. Evolve Mobility is here and we’ve got you covered. We are not trying to scare you but there is really a lot to do when preparing. You can thank us later for sharing you this simple list.

2.) Look for the most reliable, efficient but budget-friendly moving company that matches your needs and wants. Make sure that the services they offer will take care of all your moving requirements. Well, look no further Evolve Mobility got you covered all the way…not just A, B, C but from A to Z.

3.) So, now that you have a moving company you need to make sure that you give them clear instructions on how they need to handle your belongings. We don’t want to ruin an antique vase don’t we? That is why choosing Evolve Mobility is the best option as we have well trained and highly experienced people to take care of your stuffs. Not to brag but we also partnered with a company who provides us with a n Eco-friendly materials to use for your moving.

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Move with Evolve Mobility

Have a new job? Getting a promotion? Or simply starting anew? Whatever the reason may be relocating or moving to a new place internationally is always a scary thought. Choosing a reliable, trustworthy and eco-friendly mover in Vietnam is no longer a problem.

Evolve Mobility will take care of all your relocation needs. We don’t just move your stuffs; we take care of them and make sure that it will arrive at your new place exactly the way you entrusted them to us. Evolve Mobility thinks of your personal and business relocation essentials with you in mind all the time.