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YOUR MEDICAL INSURANCE AND COVID-19   With the current pandemic, we all wondered whether or not we were covered by our medical insurance plan. So we decided to ask Pascal Nguyen, director of PNG Private Office. “If I had to give a simple answer, most health insurances, including international ones, cover COVID-19-related costs”, says Pascal. […]

A checklist for moving to your new home

Preparing to move to your new home seems like a relatively simple task — until you actually take stock of everything you own and consider both what to pack and what to leave behind. The process gets even more complicated when you factor in the opening and closing of utility accounts, cleaning and the additional […]

How to move a piano with and without piano movers

If you’re wondering how to move a piano, you’ve come to the right place. Oddly shaped, fragile, and heavy, pianos seem nearly impossible to move. But fear not! We’re here to tell you that it is in fact possible, and there are simple ways to do it. Whether you’re wondering how to move a piano […]

How to easily pack dishes and stop breaking plates

If you’ve ever lost a wine glass in transit, you’re probably wondering how to pack dishes without losing any. We’ve all been there – you arrive at your new place and unpack a couple of glasses to go with some celebratory drinks, only to find that they cracked on the way. Here’s what you need […]

6 surprising things to do before the movers arrive

Moving is , so you’d be forgiven if after packing the last box you thought that you were finally done. Now it’s just time to wait for the movers to arrive, right? Not exactly. Working with professional movers is a great option for people making big moves, moving with kids, or moving large or fragile […]

Plastics: a new technology to recycle PET biologically

A technology developed by a French company will enable the biological recycling of PET. PET is one of the most common and abundant plastics, with some 70 million tonnes produced worldwide each year. The technology developed by the French company Carbios to biologically recycle PET has made the front page of Nature, one of the […]

How to Pack Clothes for Moving Without Losing Your Mind

Whether your wardrobe is bursting at the hinges or more of a minimalist closet, it’s good to know how to pack clothes for moving. If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve gathered the best ways to get your clothes from point A to point B, no matter how many outfits you own. How to Prepare […]

Home Post-move Checklist

Welcome to your new home! Whether it’s the house you’ve always dreamed of buying or a stepping stone to your next adventure, don’t let the unpacking process slow you down as you make your house your home. You can get settled in more quickly with help from this step by step moving tips checklist. Check […]

The independent voice of the global moving industry

With the threat of extinction becoming increasingly more real for our planet, there is not a more significant and more urgent challenge that confronts all of us in the 21st century than global climate change. Hoa Vu, CEO of Evolve Mobility, believes that humans have a deep ethical responsibility to do something about this environmental […]

Moving Plants: A How-to Guide

You’ve worked hard to keep your houseplants alive, but now it’s time to move. Depending on your destination, moving plants to your new home may require some work — but don’t give up on them! Whether you’re looking to transport an array of succulents or a large palm, we’ve got you covered on how to […]